"This is the sort of place where your coffee goes cold
as you stare out the window, mesmerised by the view."
Condé Nast Traveller

"Some of the most seductive holiday homes in all Andalucía"
Michael Jacobs for The Guardian
Imagine in a small white Spanish hill-town? a band of smugglers operating out of the caves in the cliffs below, trading in illicit brandy and tobacco. At their head, the haunted and tragic José, a man tormented by the fiery gypsy, Carmen, who drives him to madness and finally to murder. This is the story of Carmen ? the famous opera by Georges Bizet.

The setting for the original tale, as told by Prosper Merrimee, is Gaucín in southern Spain. Here, you'll find Molino del Carmen, where today there is only bougainvillea and bright sunshine, peace and beauty, and the whisper of a crystal sea in the distance...
Holiday rentals in Southern Spain