For those travellers looking for an experience off the traditional tourist track, Molino del Carmen, a refurbished Olive Mill, offers a peaceful, elegant retreat. Guests enjoy calm, classically styled self-catering accommodation in spacious apartments, amidst the bougainvillea-decked charm of the white mountain village of GaucĂ­n. Positioned overlooking the quiet cobbled streets, Molino del Carmen is privileged to offer its visitors the most awe-inspiring views - across the mountains to Gibraltar and over the sea to North Africa.

We invite you to come inside...
"Señor, a man becomes a rascal without thinking of it. A pretty girl steals your wits, you fight for her, an accident happens, you have to live in the mountains, and from a smuggler you become a robber before you know it. We considered that it was not healthy for us in the neighbourhood of Gibraltar, after the affair of the noblemen, and we buried ourselves in the Sierra de Ronda."

Chapter 3: Carmen by Prosper Mérimée. Translated into English by George Burnham Ives
Molino del Carmen holiday rentals with pool in southern Spain Apartment rentals in the white village of Gaucin The pool at night in this Andalucian village holiday accommodation